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RE1 Electric ramp

The RE1 ramp is a ramp located under the floor of the vehicle, with a final lifting movement that places it flush with the floor of the vehicle, without obstacles for the user.

It incorporates a presence sensor in the platform that prevents the ramp from operating as long as it detects someone on the ramp, and also a sensitive edge, to offer maximum safety.

  • System: Electric
  • Accessibility: Ramp / Lift
  • Opening type: Ramp
  • Compatibility: Autonomous buses, Inter-city buses, City buses, Minibuses
RE1 Electric ramp

/ Description and characteristics

  • Electric ramp 12/24v.
  • Designed to be mounted under the vehicle´s floor.
  • Reduced thickness: 60 mm
  • Weight: 82,5 Kg
  • Load: 350 Kg
  • Vehicles destined for Class I, A.
  • Complies UN regulations R107
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/ Advantages

  • Located under the floor.
  • Once the platform is extended, it remains at the vehicle ´s floorlevel.
  • It´s provided with a front sensitive rubber protection, in order to detect any obstacle placed at the front. In this case, the ramp moves automatically in.
  • The platform is sensitive to weight, both in static and in dynamic phase. When detecting a weight heavier than 15kg, it remains immobilized in static phase, and it stops in dynamic phase.
  • Lifting system for thickness 60-70 80.

/ Technical data

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