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020 Swyncro

Advanced technology for coach transport. Long-distance coach doors require perfect sealing and enhanced passenger safety at high speeds. The Masats Swyncro system redefines safety, availability and efficiency in passenger transport. Its excellent performance improves driver and passenger comfort and increases reliability. The Swyncro system makes it possible to reach the destination in the event of any door incident, even in the event of a power failure, making it possible to reach the destination safely.

  • System: Electric
  • Accessibility: Door
  • Opening type: Opening to the outside 1h.
  • Compatibility: Coaches
020 Swyncro 020 Swyncro
020 Swyncro 020 Swyncro

/ Description and characteristics

  • A new concept of exterior opening for coaches, with high safety and availability.
  • Horizontal movement without wedges and without tensioning bar.
  • Central locking system
  • Emergency elements and mechanical locking built-in the door leaf.
  • With integrated safety latches.
  • Electrically sensitive rubber edge
  • DCU Evolution, Masats electronics with self-diagnosis.
  • DM1 emergency module
  • Remote control option

/ Advantages

  • High safety: closed and locked door signal
  • Vandal-proof system
  • Fast, stable and smooth movement
  • Plug & Play installation
  • High availability and maintainability.

/ Technical data

  • Working temperature -30º + 70º C
  • Nominal voltage 24v (18-32v)
  • Compliant with UN R107 regulation
  • Intended for class III vehicles

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