Public transport accessibility systems


009g Inswinging door pneumatic

  • System: Pneumatic
  • Accessibility: Door
  • Opening type: Opening to the inside
  • Compatibility: Inter-city buses, City buses
009g Inswinging door pneumatic

/ Description and characteristics

  • Inward-opening door with pneumatic system.
  • Pneumatic emergency system with buttons with transparent cover.
  • Single or double leaf glass doors.
  • Emergency override at vehicle speed > 3 km/h.
  • Flap-type bottom seal.
  • Doors in RAL9011 black.
  • Sensitivity setting by Masats’ multiplexed CAN BUS ECU electronic control box adaptable to the vehicle.
  • Locks can be built into the glass or into the bottom profile.
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/ Advantages

  • Easy assembly and reduced installation time.
  • Fixing anchorages common with other sliding door systems, making it possible to interchange it with other equipment.
  • The mechanical components, such as leaves, bars and supports, are common between the electrical and pneumatic versions.
  • Masats’ modular handles.
  • Top brush with built-in rubber for easy installation (optional)

/ Technical data

  • Minimum pressure: 6 bar.
  • Working temperature: −30 °C to +70 °C
  • Nominal voltage: 12/24 V ± 20%
  • Complies with regulation UN R107.
  • For Class I and II vehicles.

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