Accessibility systems for public transport
pneumatic and electric doors, access ramps and platforms. PSD Doors
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Transit Bus

City buses need quick, resistant doors with high-level visibility.

Masats provides electric and pneumatic doors for buses, characterised by their modularity, that are easy to install, require low maintenance and have low life cycle costs (LCC).

The doors come in different openings, inside, outside or sliding, and combine with the access ramps for people with special needs. The ramps may be electric to provide greater ease for the driver and passengers, or manual providing easy access for tighter budgets.

We specialize in emergency systems; we have the widest and most advanced range of safety systems for doors to guarantee the highest levels of safety for the passengers.

All systems meet the most stringent and demanding regulations worldwide.


009g Pneumatic Inward Glider

029g Electric Inward Glider

012g Pneumatic Plug Door opening

022g Electric Plug Door Opening

028a Compact Plug Sliding Door

028b Integrated Sliding door, One Panel Integrated Plug Sliding Door

028c Integrated Sliding door, Two-Panel Integrated Plug Sliding Door

RE1 Electric ramp

RT1 Electrical Telescopic Ramp

RM2 Manual Ramp