Accessibility systems for public transport
pneumatic and electric doors, access ramps and platforms. PSD Doors


High-speed vehicles require doors with excellent water-tightness and high quality finishes which are expected in this class of vehicles.

Outward-opening doors with interlocking Lift system are the best options due to their excellent performance. At Masats, we provide basic pneumatic systems, high-performance electro-pneumatic systems and maximum-performance electric systems with electronic control.  A range for every type of vehicle.

The doors can incorporate small rubber seals with sensitive edges that improve passenger safety, giving the vehicle a more modern appearance.

Masats’ world renowned emergency systems provide the safety and reliability that these systems require.  We offer pneumatic switches and pneumatic rotating controls to rotating controls with cable, in different versions, manual controls with electric locking.

Together with pneumatic systems for luggage Bay Doors, this means we can provide an integral solution for all access needs to this type of vehicles.

Pneumatic luggage systems mean improved vehicle design, allowing  a single luggage cover running the entire side of the vehicle, which opens at the touch of a button.

This can be commanded by remote control to complete the central locking throughout the coach.

Access systems are completed by elevator platforms for high-floored vehicles and come in two models; the KS8 lift, placed in the wheel arch and the KV5, a simple and reliable lift that has to be installed in a dedicated compartment.



014a Electric Outside Opening

015 Pneumatic Outside Opening

016 Pneumatic mechanism for luggage Bay Doors

KS8 Lift