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Masats Chosen to Supply Doors for the Alstom Aptis Vehicle

Following a successful official approval process of both the product as well as the company’s production and technological capabilities, APTIS chose Masats as the door supplier for its all-new 100% electric vehicle APTIS. 

Masats developed a version for this vehicle with an electric outward opening and another version with 028C sliding doors to adjust vehicles to the specific requirements and characteristics of each city.

The first deliveries have already been made in the city of Strasbourg to the operator CTS Strasbourg on a total order that includes 12 three-door vehicles equipped with the 028C sliding door.

These electric low-energy doors offer high-level control of movement, which is gentler and, thus, enhances the system reliability. The door opening speed is fast, reducing the time necessary between stops and helping with service compliance. With obstacle detection systems for greater passenger safety, the doors have been tested pursuant to very demanding resistance and durability requirements.

Alstom has also ordered doors from Masats for the cities of Grenoble, Toulon and La Rochelle.

Masats continues working with companies and products aiming to reduce the environmental impact of transport by offering clean, reliable and efficient solutions.