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Masats updates its corporate image to celebrate its 50th anniversary

The logo now reflects the company’s energy, unique personality and commitment to people

The all-new image transmits a feeling of trust to customers and collaborators who have been accompanied for a half century by meeting their needs

Masats has updated its image for its 50th anniversary. To celebrate its half century of life and face the important challenges of the future, the company is presenting a new corporate image that reflects its energy, unique personality and commitment to people. This change of skin is an answer to the need to adapt its strategies and personality to new challenges all while maintaining its international character, respect for people and their needs and up-close service for its customers as identity marks.


The traditional red colour has disappeared from the logo to make the blue already present in the trademark a bit stronger to give more power to the values of technology, security and serenity that are associated with this colour. The all-new image transmits a feeling of trust to customers and collaborators who have been accompanied for 50 years by meeting their needs The new corporate concept was designed to transmit the spirit that marks our daily work of manufacturing products that make people’s day-to-day a little easier which is the most important company value.

The all-new image concentrates the efforts made daily by the 300 Masats personnel to make its customers’ accessibility needs possible and pleasing as they are supplied with the most modern technology in pneumatic and electric doors, ramps and access platforms for vehicles. The company has been creating accessibility systems to make people’s lives easier for 50 years.


The updated image is the result of deep thought on how to respond to the profound changes occurring in the sector which require determining where the company hopes to be within a few years, what type of customers it hopes to reach and how to meet their needs. Convinced that the future involves producing more technological and more proven and reliable products, Masats has not only committed to updating its brand but also modernising its product approval systems and creating more added value by offering the greatest of rigour and professionalism for its project to produce quality products that are adapted to the needs of body makers, operators and users.

Masats was founded a half century ago to be exclusively dedicated to passenger transport.  Today, it has high hopes in the railway industry following the strategic decision adopted nine years ago to develop a line of specific products for this sector which reinforces its current decisive and exciting commitment to the development of platform doors. Effort, dedication and constant evolution and innovation have turned it into a leading company in the road and railway equipment sector.

A supplier of body makers and major brands worldwide, the company exports 47% of its production to more than 30 countries with a strong presence in Singapore and a significant entrance into the Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur markets. Besides its increasing weight in Asia, its implementation in the United States is becoming more and more significant with the opening of a plant in Atlanta which reinforces its strategic commitment to the North American market. This greater international projection through high-tech products means the Masats brand is internationally recognisable.


The all-new corporate image now reinforces a model based on people, internationalisation, improved equipment and ongoing innovation, values that make the Masats project livelier than ever and with much better projection as time goes on. In order to continue being a guarantee for the future for customers and collaborators, the company is continuing to redefine its internal organisation and challenges to ensure sustained growth over the long-term. The aim is to design a structure that is closer to our customers which knows how to interpret the various needs of body makers, major brands, builders and public transport entities and operators at any given time.

Founded in 1967 by Mr Salvador Alapont, Masats is celebrating its first 50 years with pride at having built its own model and a very well-defined personality which is backed by the long-standing responsibility of the people working for the company, ongoing training, recognition for the work it has done and a brave commitment to continue strengthening its forward-looking engagement to the project. These traits are recognised by its customers who have motivated the change in image which projects the company’s humanism and commitment to people.