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CAF selects the Masats ramp for the Amsterdam tram

The new Masats RF2 ramp will be installed on the new streetcars for the Amsterdam public transport company, GVB.

The two-way tram project for GVB includes 63 trams, each equipped with 4 automatic ramps for people with reduced mobility. Deliveries of the 252 ramps expected to end by 2021. CAF will manufacture the trams in the plants of Zaragoza and Beasain.

The RF2 ramp is characterized by its compact size and ease of installation, which creates an unobstructed pathway for the passengers. An obstacle detection system is also integrated to provide enhanced safety for the people standing on the platform.  Boarding and alighting of the passengers is carried out with the utmost speed and safety.

An innovative feature developed by MASATS, enables the evacuation of the passengers in an emergency, since the ramp can reach an inclination of 30% allowing the disembarkation at street level. The ramp offers the option to be operated manually in case of a power failure.

Rampa tren RF2 Masats